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Claire Eamer grew up in Saskatoon and attended the University of Saskatchewan, earning a Master's degree in English. She has lived in England, Germany, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Whitehorse. She currently lives on Gabriola Island, BC, and is a professional writer. Much of Claire's writing, for both adults and children, is related to popular science and history. She has also written a picture book that is neither scientific nor historical, and several short stories that fall mainly into the fantasy and science fiction genres.
Available For
Readings and presentations related to published books and stories.
Non-fiction writing workshops.
Talks or discussions about research, writing, and working as a professional writer.
Picture Book
* Underneath the Sidewalk (Scholastic Canada, 2017)

* Out of the Ice: How Climate Change is Revealing the Past (Kids Can Press, 2018)
* What a Waste! Where Garbage Goes (Annick Press, 2017)
* Inside Your Insides: A Guide to the Microbes That Call You Home (Kids Can Press, 2016)
* Before the World Was Ready, Stories of Daring Genius in Science (Annick Press, 2013)
* The World in Your Lunch Box: The Wacky History and Weird Science of Everyday Foods (Annick Press, 2012)
* Lizards in the Sky: Animals Where You Least Expect Them (Annick Press, 2010)
* Spiked Scorpions and Walking Whales: Modern Animals, Ancient Animals, and Water (Annick Press, 2009)
* Super Crocs and Monster Wings: Modern Animals' Ancient Past (Annick Press, 2008)
* Traitors' Gate and Other Doorways to the Past (Annick Press, 2008)
* The Canadian Rodeo Book (Western Producer Prairie Books, 1982) with Thirza Jones (Co-author)
2018 American Insitute of Physics Science Communication Award
2014 Red Cedar Award
2013 Lane Anderson Award
2012 Eureka! Silver Honor Book
2008 Science In Society Youth Book Award
Other Memberships
The Writers' Union of Canada
Science Writers & Communicators of Canada
SF Canada
Canadian Children's Book Centre
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