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Celia Godkin


Illustrator: Celia Godkin
Title: B.C. Farm
Publisher: Scholastic, 2018
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: www.celiagodkin.com

Celia Godkin, B.Sc., M.Sc., A.O.C.A., began her working life as a biologist and then transitioned to scientific illustration. She taught illustration and studio arts at The University of Toronto from 1987 – 2005 and helped establish a thriving community of botanical artists in Canada.

Celia's first children's book, Wolf Island, won the 1990 Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada Information Book Award and launched her career as a respected author and illustrator of children's environmental books. Her most recent book, The Wolves Return, picks up the story where Wolf Island ends with a description of the successful re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park.

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